Monday, October 19, 2015

Make Your Mondays - October 19th

Have you made the decision on where to give your energy? What do you want? What feelings to do you choose to focus on each day? Once we realize there is no reason to force ourselves to suffer through moments in life the sooner we allow joy back in. How do you want to approach a hard situation? Let it get the better of you and bring you down or rise up stronger and more dedicated to achieve what you set out to do. Give your attention to where you want to be and allow yourself to go there. Make the


Clarkey-puss enjoying some time on his swing
J.R. The Peanut wanting NOTHING to do with that damn swing!
Em had a busy weekend bustling back and forth to appointments and errands all the while trying to tend to her sick TH. She did make it a point to spend some time outside and enjoy the "not sweating through your clothes and want to die it's so hot" weather!

Always time for some meditative coloring - birth affirmation style!
Nic hustled to continue her nesting fetish with lots of cleaning and organizing. Too bad there are only 48 hours in a weekend as some projects were left half finished before she had to get ready for another work week! She also managed to attend a friend's 4th birthday party, and go shopping with her TM for her epic Halloween costume... any guesses as to what she and both BK's will be?

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