Monday, October 12, 2015

Make Your Mondays - October 12th

We have the power to create our own realities. What thoughts we think and the energy we put forth shapes the moments we live. Choose happiness, choose joy, choose the thoughts that make you feel good. Use your positive energy to make the most out of life, only you can do it!


Tower o' Corningware!

Em had a lovely weekend hitting up some garage sales and antique shopping with her TM and little men.  Saturday left her feeling so frisky she even hit up the town with her TH in tow...for her second outing in one month, whoa! Sunday she got organized and hit her forest for her favorite three mile run.

Nic did what she could to beat the heat, including a sunset beach photoshoot to showcase her growing belly for an upcoming birth-y project! BK had his first sleepover with Nic's TM, which was a nice little break, but Nic was only too happy to pick him up the next day to get in some snuggles before heading up to LA to see some besties. We are really, really, really, REALLY ready for some fall weather though!!

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  1. Love inspiring posts like these. :) Good vibes always, I definitely believe in the law of attraction! <3



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