Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Thriving Thoughts- What To Do About a Vehicle Upgrade

The time has come, we seriously need to consider a bigger car...and soon. Right after the babies came along we swapped out my beloved ruby-red Prius for a wonderful Honda CRV. It has served us well, but with the boys recently upgrading to their "big boy" car seats, it seems as though the CRV has shrunk. While we had always planned on a bigger car we were trying to hold out until baby #3 was on its way...well, not anymore.  We are now engaged in the great debate - Minivan Mama or Suuuupa Suburban?

I had always said I would NEVER. DRIVE. A. MINIVAN. I had vowed to die over driving that "mom car" and despite the suggestion being thrown my way, I would shoot it down with a disgusted look. Why? I'm not so sure, but it was something I did when I felt like letting out my sassy side (which if you know me is nearly all the time). My TH and I had already pretty much decided that when the time came to get the family car, it was Suburban all the way. Heck we even test drove one when I was pregnant!

But when the time came to really sit down and explore our options for some reason I had a change of heart. Was it because my sister-in-law whom I love dearly had an Odyssey and adored it? Was it because another one of my fave people M had one and also couldn't say enough about it? Was it that Ellen Degeneres had Mark Wahlberg on the show and he too shared his love for the Odyssey? I don't know, but something just changed. It was like all of a sudden I wanted to get the minivan in spite of myself because I hated it so much... wait what? I know, it makes no sense.

I hope you will help me decide which way to go, but first the facts:

Honda Odyssey -

  • Price range- $29,000-$44,000
  • Gas milage- between 19-28 miles (city to highway)
  • Seats - up to 8 with a moveable second row seat for easy back row access
  • Carseats - Up to 5 (3 in the second row, 2 in the third)
  • Accessories - Built in 16.2 inch TV in the back and a built in vacuum

Chevy Suburban - 
  • Price range- $50,000-$65,000
  • Gas milage- between 16-23 miles (city to highway)
  • Seats - up to 8 if opt for a second row bench seat
  • Carseats - Up to 4 (2 in the second row, 2 in the third)
  • Accessories - Can add DVD system built into headrests
Hmmmmmm, well just looking at the comparison it seems as though the scale is tipping a bit. But am I really ready to commit to being a van driving mommy? What is so wrong with that? Well, I have some Thriving Thinking to do, that is for sure.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Accept the van or stay away and stick with the Suburban?

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  1. (I'm pretty sure I posted my comment, but now it's gone, soooo..) :)
    I did things backwards. I had a Tahoe for my first child and second (when he popped up two years later) and then we drove a Traverse (crossover SUV.) About that time, my third baby joined us and I was just so tired of maneuvering car seats and dealing with third row seatbelt issues. We traded it in for a Town and Country that had all the bells and whistles. Two flip down screens, power seats on every row (I love how they can fold all the way down flat) and even the built in sunshades are a nice touch. I hope you found the right vehicle for your family! It does take some trial and error. :)


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