Monday, September 28, 2015

Make Your Mondays - September 28th

What are you imagining today? We couldn't believe more in the imagination process and putting out in the Universe what you want for your life. Em can remember fondly allowing herself to fall asleep while dreaming of beautiful future babies in her arms and singing them to sleep.  Just a few years later nothing is more real and true. See what you want, feel it happening and embrace it when it does. Don't let your mind stop reaching and let the image of your future life run wild!


Em was thrilled to take in another trip to her local farmers market; this time with her TH in tow! After a wagon ride for the boys, fresh sunflowers for her Fall-tastic home and new running shoes for her workout, she was feeling great! She even indulged in a Skinny Pumpkin Spice Frapp to really make the day great. Sunday her TM had another lovely lady gathering (this time with some of her high school gals) and Em was happy to help hostess while having dance parties with the babies when not needed.

Even though it's 1074598357 degrees out still, Nic and her TH cooked up some yummy bone broth from various animals TH had eaten lately! Bone broth has tons of health benefits, especially for all the preggers. Nic filled the rest of her weekend with errands, chores, and family time; topping it off with a nightly stroll to see the blood moon and set her intentions.


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