Monday, September 21, 2015

Make Your Mondays - September 21st

The story of a Thriving Marriage; don't fight in hopes someone will bow out of the battle. Take ownership for your part and do everything you can to move forward. There are few things that are really worth fighting for, so choose the wisely. Remember you can only control yourself and no one else.  Ask yourself what its all for and strive to see the bigger picture. Is it really worth proving a point just to be right? Or would you rather enjoy peace in your life and spend that energy being happy?


Found these two loaded up and ready for a basket ride!
Em kicked off the weekend with an amazing night with two of her Chico besties at her new home. After a night of wine chats in the hot tub, she enjoyed another (super hot) weekend at home watching her boys (ok, well mostly Clarke) walk all over the place on their wobbly baby legs. Saturday her TH celebrated a birthday with a homemade chocolate/peanut butter cake while Sunday was spent helping her TM as she hosted her first Book Club gathering in the country!

Nic welcomed Monday with her first PSL of the season and a birth affirmation coloring book! {Source}

 BK2's prenatal concert #2 - Empire of the Sun
While Nic's TH took BK to the beach Saturday morning, Nic got in a relaxing yoga session and then attended a "postnatal rejuvination" seminar by her physical therapist friend - the things we don't know about our pelvic floor are incredible!!! Sunday she accidentally (but maybe not) slept half the day before heading out for a concert at the famous Hollywood Bowl, with just TH and BK2, who danced along to the music all night.

Anyone else have their first PSL of the season yet??? We heard Trader Joe's is getting pumpkin'd out and we couldn't be more excited!!!!

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