Monday, September 14, 2015

Make Your Mondays - September 14th

Life moves quickly. So quickly in fact, we often forget to enjoy the little things. A fresh, warm breeze rushing in the window, the rays of sunshine across our faces, the sweet snores your baby makes as he falls asleep. The small joys that fill our day and often go unnoticed. We often work non stop in hopes of achieving what we hope will be a happy life. But in our effort to find it we often miss the happiness of life happening in each moment. This week, let's slow down and enjoy each happy moment, because those are in fact what will make our lives the most happy.


Sunflowers from the farmers market, got Em ready for feeling fall!
Ready to roll in our favorite red wagon! Always hydrated too...thanks for the water Clarkey!
Em enjoyed another scorcher of a weekend by the pool. When it was cool enough to venture out she hit her local farmers market and even did some garage sale'n while the babies napped in the AC filled car. Looking forward to the heatwave passing and spending some time with her college besties coming into town on Thursday!

Nic is 26 weeks already... better late than never. This bump is getting quite large!
Baby Emerson Lynae with big brother Camden
Nic entered her third trimester and the nesting has come on FULL force! While TH pulled some OT at work, she ran much needed errands with her TM on Saturday, and celebrated Grandparent's Day on Sunday with her as well. Most importantly, she gained a niece earlier in the week c/o her SIL! Nothing makes Nic happier than welcoming sweet babies into the world!

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