Friday, August 7, 2015

Thriving Weddings - Shades of Hydrangea

Happy Anniversary to ME!!!! Five years ago today I experienced all my dreams come true. I thought it was fitting to share not only my magical day, but also how the past five years of matrimony have flown by. Here we go, the second installment of Thriving Weddings.

Wedding date?

Why did you chose this date? Season or numeric preference?
I knew I wanted to get married in August as that is not only my favorite month (not sure why that is though), but also, it is the same month my grandparents were married.  My "number" for every sports team I played (and that was many) was always 7. When we first got engaged I immediately pulled out a calendar and sure enough, in 2010 (seven years after we started dating) the 7th was the first Saturday in August!

We made all the centerpieces and bouquets using shipped hydrangeas, Costco white roses and garden grown lavender.
My TM folded all the origami cranes (and glued them onto clothespins) for guests to find their table...all street sign pictures I took from streets my TH lived throughout our lives.
"Theme" or feel of the event?
"Shades of Hydrangea".  Hydrangeas have always been my favorite flower and since they are beautiful in August I wanted EVERYTHING to be hydrangeas. My Thriving Mommy and amazing friend, Shell (aka, the Busy Brunette and 1/3 of the dream team Limin Squeezy) helped to make all my DIY visions come true. I planned every detail of my day and was so grateful for their ability to make what I had dreamed up come to life. We did every centerpiece (I saved Mason Jars for 18 months), escort card (my TM folded hundreds of origami cranes) and even my signature cupcakes were made by my second non-biological mother, Mommy O!

Where was your venue?
The Hilyard Hacienda aka, my Geena & Poppa's House!!!

Why did you choose this location?
Growing up nearly all my memories include my grandparents home. They live up in the hills and I made them "come alive" (insert Sound of Music classic here) with my imagination as a little girl. I knew that one day when I was to be a bride there was no place else that would do, it had to be at their Hacienda!

Tell us a little about your Thriving Bridal Party...
Dedicating myself to the number seven, I knew I wanted to have six bridesmaids so that including myself, the party would equal seven. Looking back now I hate that idea as there were three additional people I wished I had included (yes, I am talking to you Shell, Nic and Lex)! However, I was focused and OCD (as usual) so I went with the rule of twos'. Two childhood besties, two high school besties and two college besties.

My girl Lex designed all my paper goods and I had them printed at Kinkos. We made my program fans using Popsicle sticks!

Seven Mason Jars were filled with flowers and served as the centerpiece of each table.
What was the best memory of your special day?
Seeing it all my details come together. I was absolutely the girl who had been planning her wedding her entire life. When I finally had a ring on my finger and got to pull out my wedding binder from hiding and start booking I was THRILLED!!!  Watching as the courtyard of my grandparents home transformed into a hydrangea-fest by day and sparkle party by night was truly magical.

Homemade lemon, carrot and peanut butter chocolate cup cakes!

What was your favorite moment of becoming a Thriving Wife?
Feeling complete. After seven years with my one true love, it felt amazing to finally be his wife. I felt more confident than ever before and was living out my every dream.

What do you wish you had done differently?
Ugh. My hair. I was in my bleach blond phase of life and looking back it was not.cute. I wish I had gone back to my natural color sooner and had let my long brunette curls flow! That and of course, my bridal party choices would have not been so exclusive and number obsessed.

What advice to you have for other TW's this season?
Enjoy every second of it and don't worry, it will all be beautiful. I cannot even count the number of panic attacks/full blown melt downs I had over guest lists, alcohol choices, food, music, dresses, shoes....blah blah blah. And for what? When the day arrives NOTHING matters but looking beautiful and enjoying it!

2,500 lights were strung in the trees around where the reception was held, I wanted it to be seen from the sky above!

I can't believe it has already been five years, so much has happened. We moved to Orange County, bought a house, had twins, sold our first home to buy our dream house and it all felt like the blink of an eye. It is nothing short of frightening how quickly life goes which is why we as Thriving Wives do our best to savor each moment as they come. Not saying we are any good at it, but at least we try!

So, to my Thriving Husband, thank you for this amazing life we created together. Thank you for being my first, last and only love. The person who can brighten the darkest of days and never stops making me laugh at my own crazy. You are the best thing that ever happened to me and I look forward to the next forever with you by my side.

PS Thank you Natalie Thompson Photography for capturing the magic!

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