Monday, August 24, 2015

Make Your Mondays - August 24th

Do you know how lucky you are? Are you at peace with your life and grateful for what you have? If so, we applaud you! We as Thriving Wives sometimes catch ourselves being envious of others that may have what we want, but then we quickly put it all in perspective. We focus on all the love/joy/wonderfulness in our lives and take note of how lucky we are. So let go of the hate and the jealousy and hold on to the all the good around you!


Em enjoyed a fabulous pool party in Studio City to celebrate one of her besties babies turning one! After a day of fun in the sun, she got in a Sunday workout and did some much needed work around the house. Thankfully her boys were well entertained with their birthday presents in their new playroom!

Nic relished in a chance to just be with her family all weekend; Saturday morning Nic and her family had some rigorous park time, followed by a BK nap and a lot of productive housework! Sunday was farmer's market day, where BK decided he wanted to eat an entire carton of organic local blueberries (who could blame him), and promptly crashed on the way home even before lunch... Nic happily joined him for that sesh!

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