Monday, August 17, 2015

Make Your Mondays - August 17th

Friends come and go in your life. Some stay for long periods of time, some go quickly. For whatever reason, they were brought into your life so them. Whether something specific brought you together, or you shared a summer of fun, be thankful for teach experience and what you learned. Those friends that stick around for a lifetime and seem to grow/change/experience the same things with you are a true blessing. This week, try to find a moment to appreciate the people in your life, the best of friends are hard to come by!


Em survived her first week back at school and is looking forward to only being there part time. It is such a treat to have every other day off and always have a three day weekend. On Friday, family filled her home as everyone came to town to celebrate her babies first birthday party! With the temperature over 100 degrees, the theme of "Wet n' Wild 1s" was a perfect match for the insane weather. Thankful to have her first bash at the new house under her belt, she is looking forward to a little calm after a busy summer.

Cake time!
Once Clarke got the hang of it, he loved smashing his cupcake!
J.R was thrilled to enjoy such a sweet treat on his special day!

Nic returned from Mexico tan and well rested, but missing her BK something fierce. The 10 min hug she received upon walking in the house was totally worth it though, and now she has more fuel for the coming months' fire. She was sad to miss the twins' birthday party of course, but celebrated from afar.

Soaking up that sun!

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