Monday, August 10, 2015

Make Your Mondays - August 10th

Change is not always easy, but sometimes you have to venture on the path untraveled to make yourself feel good. If you continue to stay in situations that do not bring you joy, you need to accept those choices. So, what makes you happy? Are you willing to get uncomfortable and chase it down? For Em, happiness is her babies and being with them as much as possible. She made the hard decision to cut back and try her hand at working part time...she starts today so fingers crossed!! Nic takes on the adventure of navigating bringing another baby into her birth loving, working mom life. As we TWs explore new paths to find our joy we encourage you to take risks (no matter how small), find your joy and nurture your soul!


Beautiful anniversary flowers from her TH
Trying to do a little nearly one year photo shoot....
Em celebrated her 5th wedding anniversary, but since her TM was out of town, she is saving her big night out for the weeks ahead. She was thrilled to squeeze in some much needed time with her friend Kell; two times in one weekend! Now, she not only prepares for her first week back at work (part-time of course) but also for her boys big party as they turn ONE YEAR old this week! WHHHAATT???!!!

Nic ran around like crazy to get ready for her week vacation in Mexico! She hopped on a flight Saturday afternoon and is looking forward to some much needed relaxing with just her TH and her baby bump!

Hoping you have a great week!

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