Monday, August 31, 2015

Make Your Monday - August 31st

The mind is powerful.  Our thoughts have the ability to control what our bodies do and how others perceive us to be. When we create a positive mind that only focuses on what makes us feel good our energy shifts. Have you ever noticed how when you think of something good you tend to smile? That smile is seen by someone else which then causes a chain reaction of feel good-ness? Well, if you haven't experienced it, give it a try. Think positive, feel positive, live positive.


Em spent her usual three day weekend hanging out with the boys in their new playroom while also serving as the newest socialite to hit the scene. With friends coming from near and far to splash in the pool, Em's days were jammed packed.  After an in home beauty treatment of long awaited lash extensions, she even got out of her comfort zone a bit and went on a semi-blind lady date with some lovely local hot mommies!

Nic's nesting instinct is starting to kick in so her and TH got down to business organizing the garage, some cluttered bathroom drawers, and even BK's hand me down clothes for BK2. She can't wait to get started on BK2's room next!!

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