Friday, August 21, 2015

How to Renovate on a Budget - Cabinets

With two of three major renovations behind me, I was thrilled to be approaching the home stretch. I was obsessed with the look of my Vintage Oak Barrel floors and couldn't believe how great the "Whisper of Smoke" paint opened up the house and made it look entirely new. I. was. in. love. Last big cabinets. I had gone back and forth on whether to paint or not to paint. To focus on bathrooms or the kitchen, but I think I knew all along that the kitchen was a must update.  The cabinets were in great condition and just needed to be, well, a little less woodsy. 

Just not at all my style...
I decided the only way to solve this kitchen issue was to re-do the cabinets. New cabinets would would be waaaayyyy over budget, so, I decided to have my painter give these cabinets a complete makeover. I was going to save THOUSANDS!

I did a lot of soul searching as far as the color because I wanted something fun, but not too crazy, classic yet sassy. I didn't want to go with plain white, so I finally decided on what  I fondly call, "A whisper of mint"...apparently I have a thing for secrets.

Not only was this kitchen project going to be time consuming and messy but it was getting way too close to our move in date. I knew I needed it to be done before we officially moved in as I was not about to bring those babies into a construction zone.  I added it on to the list of "must do before moving in" and told my painter to get going! 

Paint swatch party!
I knew the hardware was all going to go (my knobs would be gracing my new minty cabs) so the painters quickly took them off, sanded them and prepped for the paint party.

Empty cabinets
Sanded, primed and ready for the four coats that were going on!

After a week of prepping and coat after coat of paint they were finally ready to be put back on....I was AMAZED at how the kitchen completely transformed.

Back on and looking good!
My new vintage glass cabinet

After the doors and drawers went back on, I was told I needed to wait at least three days before putting on my knobs and pulls. I waited (quite impatiently I might add), and when it was finally time to add my personal touch, I was thrilled!

As the days and weeks passed I just fell more and more in love with the light and bright space I had created. It was fresh, detailed and absolutely perfect!  With all the major work done, I moved on to my next nesting projects. My favorite part of all...decor and more!

Stay tuned for my favorite DIY nesting projects coming soon!

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