Friday, July 17, 2015

#ThrivingWivesProblems - Keeping it in Perspective

Have you ever caught yourself complaining or freaking out about something so incredibly insignificant that when you actually hear yourself you almost laugh at your utter ridiculousness? Well, if you are going to sit there and pretend you haven't your pants must be on fire.

Just the other day I was free. king. out. I mean totally losing my sh#&. I had gone to the bank the day before to make a deposit of a rather large sum of money. All seemed well, but the next day the money hadn't posted and wasn't pending. WTF?! I called the bank, no deposit had been made. Double WTF?!  Clearly that moronic teller had deposited my check in to the WRONG ACCOUNT. Triple WTF?! I mean, really?! Not only stressed out that my money is missing, but I have to take precious time out of my day (that I don't have mind you), trek down to the bank and go on a literal treasure hunt to find my funds. UUURRRGGGGGGHHHH!!!!!

Well, I sure did get worked up. I started to sweat, curse the day that chick was hired and swore to change banks. I mean the AUDACITY of this situation was maddening. Isn't it your JOB to make deposits? Can you not read numbers? GET IT TOGETHER! Then as I was slamming my car door to stomp my fussy butt into the bank I caught a look of my reflection in my car window. My fun bun had turned not so fun and was looking rather frightening. My mascara had started to pool under my eyes from my rage sweats and my cute romper was wrinkled and baggy in all the wrong places.

Really Em? This is your life right now? You ungrateful little snot. Here you are throwing an adult tantrum at an honest mistake. The teller is human and it isn't like she meant to rob you of your money. How lucky you are that your big drama for the day is locating a check (that can easily be tracked ) and not trying to find clean drinking water, feeding your children or how to safely avoid being harmed in your war torn country. I mean you are driving down to the bank from your beautiful home filled with perfect babies and people who love you. You allowed yourself to get soooooo worked up over something so meaningless when others don't even have a dollar to put into the bank. Good.Ness.  YOU get it together.

Once I was able to release the psycho that had taken over my body for a short time, I took a minute to revive my fun bun, fix my make up and slap on my smile (there was nothing I could do to save the romper). Within ten short minutes the money had been recovered and put into the correct account. WOW, way to freak out over nothing.

So the next time you find yourself worked up over something seemingly life altering, just ask yourself, is this just another #ThrivingWives Problem or is this truly something that can make or break you? I have a good feeling you will find the humor in your flip out and keep it all in perspective.  If not, keep a mirror close or tape record yourself to really see/hear the crazy you release.

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