Monday, July 20, 2015

Make Your Mondays - July 20th

Em thoroughly enjoyed the tropical storm from her country home. With her Thriving Family in town and a covered outdoor patio, they were in for a real experiencing the elements from safety.  Even better, she collected TONS of rain water and is so grateful for the much needed rainfall!

Nic got to socialize with some friends before they all headed to the OC Fair Brewfest (a rather boring activity for a pregnant woman) and then spent the rest of her Saturday cuddling her babies both in and out of utero. Sunday was a day for cleaning, an overdue pedicure, and HypnoBirthing class; both days were filled with some wonderful and welcome rain. This coming week is going to be an exciting one - we will find out BK2's sex! Stay tuned for that reveal!

BK#2 on left, BK#1 on right (I didn't have an 18 week pic with #1). Still slightly bigger and lower bump this go around, but it's evening out! 

The simple things often mean the most. Who can you uplift today by telling them you appreciate all they do? This week, let's focus on the little things and keep it simple.  Give thanks to those in your life that you are grateful for...and we would like to start with YOU!! We appreciate all our Thriving Readers who have supported us on this journey to thrive. Thank you for being with us and we hope you will continue to Strive to Thrive right along side us!

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  1. I'm from the OC region as well, and this weekend was very humid. I loved the rain, because we desperately need it, but the humidity afterwards was like hell. The humidity reminded me of Hawaii, which I love, but I don't like the stickiness.

    1. Jenny,

      We totally agree! Loved the rain but that heat afterward does not make for good hair. If the smell of plumeria was in the air and we had a constant Lava Flow in our hand, we may not have minded the Hawaiian like weather either!

      Strive to thrive,


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