Monday, July 13, 2015

Make Your Mondays - July 13th

Em kicked off the weekend with her usual errand running, twins in tow. She even let them out and about in their pajamas! She continued to have a  great weekend hosting a Saturday couples retreat for her friends the Pelirojos. With a backyard pool day filled with Sangaritas, swimming babies and topped off with evening cocktails in the hot tub it made for a perfect weekend. Sunday Em and her family delivered fresh baked cookies to meet all the neighbors in her new country community!

PJ's and pretzels!
Nothing like a little pool time with friends and family!
Nic continued to fight off illness as her baby uses all its strength to grow a baby! She was able to make it to acupuncture and order some much needed health supplements to get her through the week ahead.

The hard stuff. The things we all go through that make us ask the question, "Why me? What on Earth is this happening for?", are usually answered somewhere in your future. What it really comes down to is how you roll with the gut punches of life. If you trust that everything that challenges you is also preparing you for the future while also staying positive, you are can only thrive.  

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