Monday, July 6, 2015

Make Your Monday - July 6th

Em continued to nest away this holiday weekend with cleaning, baking and organizing. She was thrilled to welcome Nic and BK to the house for a 4th of July mother/son slumber party! Sunday she welcomed six new chickens into her flock of four courtesy of her TM driving them all the way from the Bay Area.  Now she can enjoy even more "farm fresh"eggs each day!

Nothing feels like home more than fresh flowers!
Meet the girls!
Nic stayed busy over the long weekend and even beat the heat at a Patriotic Parade before heading out to T-town to see Em!

Ever get in a disagreement that just doesn't seem to go your way? Well, instead of getting louder, get smarter. No need to get all worked up; keep it calm, keep it classy and keep it together. Really think through what you are arguing about.  What are you trying to get across? What does it really matter in the end? Evaluate your feelings and then be mature enough to agree to disagree; sometimes the person who "wins" is the one who walks away.

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