Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How to Renovate on a Budget - Paint

With just about half our budget for renovations gone to floors (we had some small issues with the baseboards, but in an effort to avoid negative energy I am moving forward), I really had to stretch our dollar. Along with flooring, I usually am pretty hell bent on getting a fresh coat of paint throughout the house. NOTHING freshens up a new home more than paint. It makes the house smell new, changes the lighting throughout and can even make rooms appear bigger (or smaller depending on your color choices).

When we painted our last home, I was in love with the colors I chose. I went with a light gray throughout the house with pops of color in the bathrooms. I decided this time around I was going to do almost exactly the same thing. I prefer to use neutral colors and then let my furniture and accessories speak for themselves.

Once I was dead set on painting, it was time to start collecting bids again. I had seven painters come through, assess the square footage and what I wanted done (all walls, ceilings, doors and trim) to give me an estimate. I knew I still had some serious decisions ahead of me as there was more work to be done, so it was all going to come down to price. After days of negotiations I chose the painter who was willing to have his team work around the clock (literally, they worked at least 16 hours) and was willing to work with me on price. He included the materials, paint (Dunn-Edwards) and was ready to start the next day. Negrini Painting, you have the job!

The house was a bright-ish yellow color throughout and was not for me. I laid my swatches against the wall to see what looked best in the natural light. After much contemplation, I went with,  "Whisp of Smoke" (I almost always make my final decision on the name). I went with a similar tropical green for the bathrooms so I could use the same towels and shower curtains I loved so much. 

The biggest obstacle was going to be this lovely mural of wine country the previous owner had painted in the kitchen area. While it was special, I was ready to part with it. It took THREE coats of primer and days of work and that was just the prep! 

Finally, they grey was done and the molding was painted white for a nice contrast. It took nearly three weeks for the entire house to get done, but it finally got done. My budget was dwindling fast and I was going to have to make some serious choices. Kitchen or bathrooms? New vanities or just paint? Cabinets or lighting? What to do, what to do!

I put on my boss hat and got ready to play hard ball. I needed to make a dollar out of 15 cents.  What do you think the last project was?

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