Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How to Renovate on a Budget - Floors

Buying a new house is expensive. Not to mention the costs of moving and the seemingly never ending list of things you need in a new house. I know when I moved into my Dream Home we had some work ahead of us. Since the money trees I had planted weren't yet producing "fruit", I was forced to stick to a budget. My TH and went through the house and had to determine what HAD to be done before we could move in and what we could wait for. With a tight budget in mind we decided on painting the interior, putting in new floors and carpet as well as having the kitchen cabinets painted.

The first beast to be tackled was the floors. The kitchen and foyer had tile but the entire rest of the house was straight up old green carpet (gasp). I was NOT willing to live with that so out it had to go! My TH and I gathered bids of local companies as well as Home Depot and Empire Today. We were looking for whoever could get the job done in the shortest amount of time, for the best price. We were planning to move in in four short weeks and needed the work to be DONE before we brought those babies home. After creating some bidding wars and getting price matches, we were able to get it all done well within our budget..boom!

Yikes! In this case, I do not want to "go green"
We decided to have everything ripped out, laminate installed throughout the main floor and carpet in each of the bedrooms and on the lower level of the house.  We chose a "Vintage Oak Barrel" laminate (after our last house I needed to get away from anything slightly dark) and an industrial-ish berber multi-colored carpet (I don't like "mushy" carpet).

With all our furniture tucked away in the garages work started the next week. The tile demo was dusty, dirty and incredibly time consuming...but soon it was GONE and in went my beautiful vintage oak flooring.

See ya tile!
Hello you gorgeous barrel beast!
As the laminate was being laid the old green machine carpet was being ripped out and hauled away. Soon the house was slowly transforming into the cozy, perfect Dream Home I knew it could be.

The babies loved crawling all over the new carpet!
As the baseboards were being installed in swept the painters to cover up that un-mellow yellow on the walls with my "Whisp of Smoke" grey. With less than half our budget left and a lot of work ahead of us, I knew I had to play hard ball with the painters.  I was all about pricing matches and bidding wars, so in came the train of painters to see who would get the job.....

Are you renovating a new home and not sure where to start? Well, it all begins with priorities. What can you absolutely not live with? What do you need done before you move in and what can you wait on? Once you know what needs to happen first, make a plan, get some bids and don't feel bad about haggling! 

Stay tuned to see how the painting and cabinet transformations changed the entire look of the house!

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