Monday, June 22, 2015

Make Your Monday - June 22nd

Em finished off her final school year with Newport-Mesa and for the first time ever was sad for summer to start.  She will miss her job terribly but knows that new opportunities await! Despite the bittersweet feelings about her career, she was thrilled to OFFICIALLY move into her new home. There is still lots of work going on but there is an end in sight, hopefully she can really get nesting by the middle of this week. Thank goodness for her backyard oasis where she could escape the chaos for some swim time with her boys!

No better way to kick off her first day of summer than with an assortment of her favorite drinks!

Two boys who love to splash in their pool!
Backyard sanctuary..thank goodness!
Nic celebrated Father's Day a day early so she could see her SIL, BIL and Nephew at her in-law's house. The cousins had a really wet n' wild time together, and slept GREAT that night! Sunday morning Nic woke up early to make her TH some breakfast and to let him sleep in, then they ventured to the park for as long as they could tolerate the heat. She finished up the day with another HypnoBirthing class and some BK snuggles!

Nic's FIL giving car rides to the cousins (3 months apart)

Who doesn't love running through sprinklers with their favorite hat and crazy dog (sans pants)?

Hoping you too enjoyed the first days of summer and are gearing up for a wonderful season of fun in the sun! 

Don't wait for life to happen, make life happen. You are always given choices, you decide how you things play out.  Are you going to settle for what is thrown your way or are you going to make the best of each situation you are faced with? If you want it, go and get it and don't waste a second watching life pass you by.

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