Monday, June 15, 2015

Make Your Monday - June 15th

Nic spent Saturday hauling her family out to Temecula to see Em's new digs, and to get in a much needed TW business meeting. Sunday all the grandparents took turns watching BK so Nic and her TH could get some housework/birthwork accomplished! Em welcomed Nic's family to her new home  and did her best to be a hostess despite the major renovations going on around them. While the mommies hit the TW business meeting hard, the THs did their best to keep three boys entertained. Even with all the commotion, there was still for Em to give B a quick swim lesson!

NIc taking B for a little stroll on the "shallow pad" of Em's pool
Clarke and J.R. entertaining themselves in a box...
B gets a quick swim lesson with Auntie Em...look at those big kicks!
Hoping your weekend was as lovely as, let's kick off this Monday with a fresh dose of inspiration and start off the week right!

The lovely comfort zone. The place where everything feels oh so nice.  Who wouldn't love it there? But if you want to see change, you want to see progress you gotta get out. This holds true in nearly all areas of life; exercise, professional experiences and even love. You need to make yourself uncomfortable to really see the magic happen.  Where can you apply some discomfort today?

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