Friday, June 26, 2015

Having Babies Loving Pets

I am definitely one of those people who treats their pet as their baby, fur baby that is. My very own Baby Cornelia was my first, real, adult life fur baby and I never shared a devotion to anything like I did with her. We were it for each other.

Baby Cornelia, is the one eyed, no toothed dog love of my life. That little five pounds of pure, sweet, white fluff love stole my heart from day one.

Baby C was my right had girl for seven long years. I wanted babies so badly for so long and she became the baby my life was missing, I mean look at that face! I remember talking to my friends who had already had real, human babies and they warned me that the love I had for my fur baby would fall far second to the love of my real children. I would scoff at them and say, "No Way! Baby C is my angel girl. She will always be my #1"....well....I am devastated to say, that all those friends of mine were right. I am not that great dog momma I once was, especially with two babies.

I kept our relationship strong right up until the end and kept telling myself nothing would change. But, it did...I remember the night I went to the hospital to deliver the boys I didn't even say goodbye. I was gone for 3 entire days and never even said goodbye...who does that to their fur baby?!! I hated myself for it. When I got home I went to snuggle her and was just positive she was mad at me, I would have been mad at me too if I were her. Even though she had zero interest in the babies, I tried to include her as much as possible. I made a spot for her to snuggle under my Breast Friend while nursing, scheduled mommy and Baby C naps when the boys were with their Dad or Maj and made time to simply hold her throughout the day.  But in all honesty, it just is never enough...things have changed between us.
Once my two babies came into this world my fur baby became more like a pet. If the babies need me, they get me. They are my number one priority and my poor Baby C has slid down to the bottom of the totem pole. I never thought it would ever happen to us, but it did. It isn't that I love her any less, I just love her differently. It breaks my heart but I do the best I can to make it up to her each day and steal away any second I can to make her feel special. She is just such a little love and doesn't deserve to be cast aside like chopped liver!

Have any of you mommies gone through similar situations with your fur babies? Any future Thriving Mommies fearing this could happen to you?

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