Friday, June 5, 2015

Facebook at 30

After the My Space meltdown of 2005, I was more than happy to stay away from all social media until the end of time. It just wasn't for me. If I wanted to know what people were doing or see their pictures I felt it more appropriate to hang out with them in person. My days of "stalking" were over and I saw nothing positive coming out of spending hours online looking at profiles of people I didn't even speak to. 

Then came Instagram.  I can still remember walking along the streets of San Francisco with my girl Ash when visiting our Lex. She was showing me this cool new app that was associated with Facebook.  


Ash - "But Em, this is just pictures, it is actually really cool"

Em - "Absolutely no way in hell am I going to do anything that has to do with Facebook!"

Ash - "Ok, ok...but look what _______ posted"

Em - "Let me see that..."

I know you may be wanting to explore the deeper rooted issues I have with Facebook, but that is probably a post for another day. After My Space came and went I just liked being off the grid. I don't want to be "friends" with you, I want to be friends with you, you know the ones that actually talk and see each other? Not just pretend to be in each others lives through Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.

When Nic and I started TW in 2012, I made it clear that social media was not my forte and it would be best if she handled that side of business. She was happy to do it but never stopped reminding me at some point I was going to need to bite the bullet. It was part of being a blogger and if we wanted any success I would need to get on board.  NO...I don't want to... (say in a pouty, whiney, baby voice). Years passed and while I allowed Instagram into my life (it seemed far less invasive for me) that was where I drew the line. I had little to no contact with our TW FB account (thank you Nic) and liked it that way.

Being one of the last people on Earth to not have a Facebook account (go Maria go, stay strong) was thrilling. I mean, my dear sweet Geena had an account for goodness sake. If grandmothers had one and I didn't that was really saying something. 

It wasn't until I decided I wanted to change my life that I had to look at Facebook a bit differently. It wasn't only a means for stalking people (even though I know that is what most people do...yes, I am talking to you), it was also a way to share your thoughts and ideas with others on a larger scale. While I find most of that utterly annoying, I am amazed at how many people are the opposite. The way people interact, argue, discuss and promote on this forum is pretty interesting. I sometimes am almost embarrassed to over "comments" as people are literally going at me that is mind boggling.

Facebook is rather confusing to this old lady...
Facebook is what you make it. As I am nearly halfway through my 30th year, my entire life is changing. I am a mother of two almost toddlers (I am crying just from typing that) and plan to have more babies very soon, I have moved away from all my friends and family to start a new life in the country, my career is evolving and I am taking the opportunity to explore my options.  Where does Facebook come in? Well, that is a good question. It has been decided that I need to learn, embrace and use Facebook as a means to an end. In order to be successful in today's world apparently I need to get social on the media (how archaic do I sound now?!). 

So, here we go world, Facebook at 30. I am going to take it slow and do my best to figure out how to share, tag, like and comment on things. Patience please while I navigate this beast and use it to build my empire...these things take time.

Any tips for this Facebook newbie? All are much appreciated!

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