Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Support Up and Coming Thriving Wives

As Thriving Wives we always strive to support our fellow females who are climbing their way to the top. One example of this brand of TW is very talented and hilarious Tess Middlebrook.  Now, this Thriving (future) Wife's star is climbing...and fast!

While Tess has too many gifts to count (chef, athlete, artist) the one she is going to take to the bank is her acting/comedic talents. She has always been a character and now, one of those characters is making her way to the spotlight, meet Banita of Hillbrook Gardens. We want to take a moment to not only sing her praises, but also meet the TW behind the actress.

Tess has always been acting in some way, shape or form. As a child she noticed she had great timing and often left adults and kids alike doubled over, laughing like crazy. The smiles that she put on other's faces made her feel complete. Her life (and happiness) now revolves around the pursuit of her natural gift.

Tess is a comedic actor who has been professionally chasing her dream since 2007...but as she says, she has a long way to go. Before she got serious almost ten years ago, she noticed that when she wasn't performing, she felt down.  Being on stage and making others laugh is what feeds her soul. She currently is a member of two improv teams and feels that the ability to be a successful improviser is the cornerstone of why does comedy.  What's improv you ask?  You know, that on the spot, no script, go with your gut comedy you see on Saturday Night Live.  Think of  the Will Farrells, Kristin Wiigs and Amy Pohlers of the world.  Improv is at the center of the comedy world, and Tess has set out to master her craft.

Working full time for a tech company based out of the Bay Area (but she works from home in LA), attending improv classes, performing and planning a wedding?! How does she do is she even engaged at all?! Well, let me tell you, she found a man who supports her rising star and is behind her 100%. As most couples these days are living together long before their wedding day, Tess and her fiancee are still living 6 hours apart.  Why you ask?  Well despite her job being in the Bay Area a mere five miles from her future husband, her heart and acting career are in that is where she lives. Many men wouldn't be comfortable being second fiddle to their woman's passion, but her soon to be TH is one of a kind, simply the best. He understands her, accepts her and  knows that for her to be truly happy she needs to elicit laughter from others.  He supports her career knows that it comes first.  Yes, she is one lucky lady.

Hillbrook Gardens Tess Middlebrook
Click the screen grab to watch her hilarious trailer!
Her latest character Banita is based on her greatest inspiration, her Thriving Mother. Tess sees her mother as fearless, she doesn't care what others think of her, she has no internal editor, she is offensive and has horrible judgement. Above all, her TM has the deepest heart and would give you the skin off her back if she didn't have a shirt to offer. Tess has been impersonating her mother for years and for those of us who know her beautiful mother, Tess was SPOT ON. Tess got the brilliant idea to create an exaggerated version and created Banita of Hillbrook Gardens.

Banita is just one of the many personalities living inside Tess and I can't wait for the world to meet the others wrapped up in one of my oldest friends. Over the next five years Tess hopes to meet her goals of writing for a TV show, guest starring or leading on consecutive episodes of  a sitcom and making her way through the Groundlings Sunday Company to the Main Company following the footsteps of those before her... Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy, Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Coolidge to name a few.

Make sure to check out her website to see more of her hilarious videos and try to catch her perform if you are in the LA area!  I am so proud of you Tess and look forward to watching your career continue to flourish as we nail down all the details of your August 2016 wedding...and yes, of course I will help, I mean, I am a bridesmaid after all!

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