Monday, May 4, 2015

Make Your Monday - May 4th

Em was lucky enough to attend a training on Friday on her favorite topic...cognitive behavior disorders!  With a great start to the weekend she spent Saturday lunching with Nic and Mrs. A and had the most thriving of all thriving business meetings.  Watch out Thriving Readers, we have lots of wonderful things coming your way!  Sunday she killed her last cycle class at Bike2theBeat and prepped for a BUSY week ahead...she's moving!! Stay tuned for nest-a-palooza take two! Nic was happy to spend some extra quality time with two of her favorite Thriving Wives, and ended the weekend with yet another wonderful HypnoBirthing class. 

What are you planning? Are you thinking about your future and all the glorious potential your life has? Are you making sure to appreciate what you have while focusing on what you want? Are you enjoying every step along the way? Then keep it up! If not, do your best to refocus on the now and think nothing but good thoughts.  Let's start this week off right!

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