Monday, April 6, 2015

Make Your Monday - April 6th

Em kicked off the start to her spring break with some spring cleaning. Who doesn't love a tidy garage before tackling the attic?! With her babies movin' and groovin' she is keeping busy and making sure they don't get into everything in sight!  Nic was looking forward to a adult filled weekend in LA with her TH and fellow TW April, but unfortunately a bug crawled into her tummy and made her sicker than a dog! Her Easter was not nearly as candy filled as Em's....

When you feel negative you are negative.  When you feel good you are allowing goodness to spread from you to others.  Be positively contagious, take your well-being and "tag" every person with whom you come into contact.  Do not allow those feelings of negativity to block your flow of energy from being nothing but positive.  Allow your heart to sing and share that song with the world.

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