Monday, April 27, 2015

Make Your Monday - April 27th

Em tried to capitalize on her spring cleaning by hosting a garage sale...sure enough Orange County saw it's first day of rain in ages and the turn out was not as great as she had hoped. At least she got to spend the rainy sale with her girl Kell which made it all worth it in the end. Sunday was spent at her teaching her favorite cycle class then an afternoon walking along the beach in Laguna to prep for another week ahead. Nic took in a double dose of cycle this weekend and even managed to get in a business meeting with a fellow birth practitioner as she lays the foundation for her future business!

Thankfully for us, bad attitudes require no manual labor to fix. With a little focus, dedication to change and positive energy you can change that attitude in a flash. If you want to move forward, you gotta get it right. Bad attitudes can be found everywhere, but don't allow yourself to add to them. Shake off that negativity and take on life!

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