Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Garage Sale'n Goddess: Spring FIing

Oh how I love garage/yard sale'n, I mean, LOVE. IT.  If I was more of a morning person I wouldn't miss a weekend, but unfortunately, I am not. I love to sleep more than anything and with two babies that is rather rare. On those sacred mornings when I can sleep past 6am there is nothing that could tear me away from my cozy bed.  However, garage sale-ing is an early morning activity and thankfully, my Thriving Mommy motivates me to get up and get treasure hunting! When Saturday rolled around, I dragged myself out of bed, got the boys ready for a morning on the sale circuit. 

A bit overwhelming I know, but I am not about to walk away from lightly used or new baby stuff! RECYCLE BABY!
Now, my favorite "hunting grounds" typically have tons of sales and all within close proximity. There are signs o' plenty and if you are quick enough you can just about hit them all. The trick is to not miss a sign. The best way to do that is to have a trusty co-pilot, one like my TM who yells, "slow down", "turn here" and "WAIT" just about every two seconds. 

Once a sign is spotted we do our best to track it down.  With proper sign-age we can find it within minutes, then we do a quick drive by and then decided if we are going keep moving or hop out. The first house we passed had tons of baby stuff. Now, I am not one who usually buys baby things, but with two growing boys, I let my TM talk me into taking a closer look. Amongst all the stuff I didn't want, I did find a few things to buy. What I was really excited to find were some brand new sleep sacks on sale for $1 each! I had just been looking at a few on Amazon for $ that was a steal! 

With the adrenaline pumping from my new purchases, we happened upon an estate sale. Lucky for me there was tons of gardening tools and sports equipment going for super low prices. Since I am always gathering stuff to bring to work I made some deals and loaded the back of my car full of supplies for only $15!  Now my student run garden had more tools and my students could enjoy some fun fitness during their lunch hour.

I can't wait to make those old skateboards into swings!
After making a few more stops and not finding anything too spectacular, we happened upon the  most magical of sales. A super cute mom with two post college daughters were cleaning house. It was as though my Thriving Mommy and I had met our long lost friends. We chatted and snagged items from their driveway left and right. I loaded a wicker box full of clothes (which I usually stay away from, but these girls had some great stuff), brand new burlap bed skirts and even a few surprises for friends!

So much good stuff! Juicy, Lulu, Ralph TOMS...Oh my!

We were able to shove our newest purchases in the corners of the car and decided to head home. It had been a long morning out and about and after pulling over in the shade to feed the babies it was time to race home and take inventory of all we bought. Just as we were heading out of the neighborhood we say a sign for avocados....guacamole for an afternoon snack?! Oh don't you worry, we quickly made one last stop....

Once home, we unloaded, made piles for what was going to my work and what was staying home, started a load of laundry to wash all our new clothes (my mom snagged a few new threads too) and went through our treasures. The wicker box I loaded with goods was just what I needed in my living room to keep the boys toys hidden away but at arms reach. 

Once the laundry was done I took a look at great stuff I had purchased for only $22! I got a long and cozy workout shirt, a pair of lightly worn Lululemon pants (only $2, I know), a pair of jeans that were ready for me to further distress for the upcoming warm weather, Ralph Lauren boyfriend chinos, a Threads 4 Thought peasant top, a Juicy Couture terry dress (I gifted that to my girl L) and a fresh pair of red TOMS wedges (those went to my girl C)...I mean it was label-mania and everything was practically brand new!!

Now, again, I don't usually buy clothes unless I make besties with the seller and feel comfortable that after a good washing there won't be any lingering "cooties". I know, I know, rather silly, but some things just freak me out.  But, I was in love with all my new stuff!

I am always amazed at how well I do when garage sale'n and then kick myself for not going more often.  But as my TM recently said, "I am going garage sale-ing every single Saturday matter what!" Well, TM, I am going to do my best to join you!

Do you love to garage sale too? What do you look for when you go?

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