Wednesday, February 25, 2015

MommyCon Minneapolis {discount code}

We hope you Chicago area friends had fun at this past weekend's MommyCon event! I was originally going to start chatting about the Atlanta event - but it's already sold out!!! Get your tickets early, everyone!!

Next, MC is coming to the twin cities! Do you know about the plethora of AMAZING speakers that they have lined up? One of my faves is Jessica Martin-Weber from The Leaky Boob. Em and I saw her last year and she's so inspiring. With 6 kids of her own, she really gets it when it comes to the ups and downs of a breastfeeding relationship. Check out all the other cool speakers! (Disclaimer - not all will be in each location)

GA tickets are $40, but of course if you use code THRIVING15 you get them for $35! That's 5 whole dollars you can spend on something rad, like these bitchin' MommyCon shirts:

Anyone go to Chicago, or plan to go to Atlanta or Minneapolis? Let us know in the comments!

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