Wednesday, February 11, 2015

MommyCon 2015!!!

After we visited MommyCon in November last year, I was for sure hooked and knew we'd be attending every year we could. When I saw a Facebook call to action for official MommyCon bloggers I applied, kind of figuring it was a long shot since I was certain they'd want more famous blogs than ours!

Boy was I wrong!

We are now OFFICIAL MommyCon bloggers! This is so exciting you guys, because MommyCon really embodies what Thriving Motherhood is all about - holistic parenting, eco friendly products, and doing what's best for our babies (in any capacity).

Aside from all the amazing information and products on display, perhaps my favorite aspect of the con is the environment they carefully curate - called Event Elements. These include:
  • Baby Guy Gear Area
  • Babyganics Clean Play Zone
  • Beco & Ergobaby Babywearing Lounge
  • Changing Stations
  • Cloth Diaper Resource Center
  • Evenflo Feeding Lounge
  • Little Dippers Creative Station
  • Lullaby Earth Sleep Consultation Area
  • Baby Care Area with Baby Comfy Care
It's seriously like mommy heaven. You can breastfeed as open or as privately as you'd like, there are plenty of diaper changing stations (filled with free supplies!), and there are even plenty of things to keep the little (and not so little) ones busy! 

Below are the 2015 cities that MommyCon will be visiting. Don't see your city listed? Shoot them an email and tell them you need it! As support for this con grows, I'm sure they will want to include more cities so get yours on the map!

Chicago - 2/21
Atlanta - 3/28
Minneapolis - 4/18
Orlando - 5/23
Washington DC - 8/22
Columbus - 9/19
Newport Beach - 11/14 
*where Thriving Wives will be!*
Seattle - 11/21

Now the great news is that, as official MommyCon bloggers, we are able to offer $5 off each ticket bought! To get the discount simply use code
at checkout! Simple as that!

Stay tuned as we highlight more fabulous facts about MommyCon! Anyone else joining us in Newport Beach this November?

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