Monday, February 2, 2015

Make Your Mondays - February 2nd

Em had a great weekend with her family driving through the country and thinking towards the future. With two sick babies at home (colds are the worst) she was busy snuggling them back to good health. She did sneak away for an hour to kick off her new teaching career at Bike2theBeat in Newport Beach, she LOVED IT! Nic spent Saturday helping her good friend Kristen shop for her wedding dress - it never gets old! After supporting Em Sunday morning at spin class (and sweating profusely), she skipped "the big game" entirely and instead opted to hang with little BK and her TM. 

Who needs makeup when you are rocking sunbeams from your face?! Now that has got to be a good look.  Why not try it? Think good thoughts, let them make you smile and share your positive energy with everyone around you. We are going to start this minute!

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