Monday, February 9, 2015

Make Your Monday - February 9th

Em had a lovely warm weather weekend and enjoyed some thriving family time at the beack with her Thriving Mommy, the babies, Nic, her mom and BK.  Sneaking in a mani/pedi made it even sweeter!  Sunday she and Nic hit Bike2theBeat for Em's Sunday cycle class and sweat their hearts out!

Whatcha got? Dogs? Babies? Family? Night out with the girls? Great workout behind you? What is the best thought you can conjure right now? Well, dig it out, think about it and hold on.  Feel the smile cross your face as you close your eyes and relive whatever gives you joy. Feel your shoulders become lighter and your body relax as you enjoy each second of that thought. Now take that new found positive outlook and apply it to the rest of your day. Keep it close and call on it as you need, you get to choose to make today do it. 

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