Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Thriving Thank You Notes

I like to think of myself as pretty polite. My Magical Aunt B, Thriving Mommy and second mother, Mommy O (my non-biological sister KK's mom) sort of provided a triple threat of manners tutorials when I was young.  By the first grade to never speak of parties in front of others (you never knew who might not be invited), never ask someone over to play before asking for permission, don't ever forget to say, "Please", "Thank You" and address adults by "Mr. and Mrs. Whomever" (that one still follows me even if they tell me to call them by their first names) and always I repeat always promptly write a thank you note when appropriate. Now I personally think the thank you note rule doesn't apply to Christmas and I even think you can sneak by without writing ones to family or close friends on your birthday.  I mean, you would be a slave to your stationery if you did that! But parties, showers, just because gifts, and any appreciated gesture, now those are the ones that require a personal handwritten favorite.

Because this thank you note rule is so deeply ingrained into my brain, I have always loved to have my own stationary. Taking a personal cue from my non-bio sister I realized that the only way to reach full thank you note potential was to invest in a stylish set all my own.  Thankfully with my super talented TW Nic in my life, she makes sure I am never without.

You can imagine our delight when we were approached by our friends over at Tiny Prints and were asked us to join efforts. What better way to pick the perfect note to drop in the mail as soon as possible?  I know I am quick to write a note when I am thankful for something or someone. Isn't that why they are called thank you notes? Someone at work really been helping you out? Write a note. Appreciate someone in your life for making it a bit easier? Write a note. Receive a lovely gift, like flowers or a treat? Write a note. The more you write the easier it becomes. It is always polite to send a note to say thanks, and I assure you it makes the receiver of that note feel great.

Note from Nic: I am notoriously bad at writing thank you notes, but I do feel they are important so I thought having some somewhat-generic (custom for me just not event themed) on hand would be perfect to make this easier. I have actually made Em and her boys their own personalized stationary, but the thought of trying to create my own was too daunting. Luckily there is an IMMENSE selection of gorgeous designs at Tiny Prints, with lots of great options like unique shapes (as you can see on mine here), and pre-addressed envelopes. I do have a return address stamp but I LOVE that feature - one less step! Anything that makes it easier to get those out is better, plus I am sure all my recipients are super impressed with my fancy stationery! 

Maybe it is time for you to get motivated to say thanks this holiday season and start off strong for 2015. If you haven't yet, check out Tiny Prints for their adorable selection of thank you notes!

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