Monday, January 26, 2015

Make Your Mondays - January 26th

Em had a wonderful Friday night dinner with her friend Kell, then more "single mother time" with her babies while her TH worked and her TM spent time in the Bay Area.  She spent the majority of the weekend out of the house on a Great American couch hunt for her living room...thankfully, one was ordered! Nic relished in a weekend at home to keep house and run errands, in between back to back HypnoBirthing classes. She also managed to get some elusive toddler snuggles in, which have been much needed!

Are you happy with yourself? Is the foundation of your day centered around peace with your world? Not consumed by the simple stressors of everyday life, but able to step back and look at your bigger picture? Can you discriminate between what really matters against what doesn't? This week, let's find our inner peace and choose to thrive each day.  Let's create a balance for ourselves and welcome in the positive energy...starting now.

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