Monday, January 12, 2015

Make Your Mondays - January 12th

Em kicked off the weekend with a night out with Nic and their TH's.  After coming home far too late the night before, Saturday was spent getting organized and assessing a nursery redesign.  As the twins are now in their own cribs and moving like crazy, things need to move a bit.  But, don't worry, she snuck in a cycle class with Nic on Sunday to start the week off right! On top of her fun with Em, Nic prepped for her upcoming HypnoBirthing class series that starts tonight!

We're sure you can all think of at least one person who fits this quote.  That person who is just a real "Negative Nelly".  Nothing ever seems to go their way and they have no problem sharing their negative energy with anyone with whom they come into contact.  Don't shy away from these people living in darkness, battle it with a ray of bright light.  With every frown thrown your way, hit it with a little "Bam!" to make it turn upside down. The more you continue to be positive, the
less likely it is they will have the power to bring you down.  You can control only your outlook, so make it good, positive and bright.

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