Monday, January 5, 2015

Make Your Monday - January 5th

Em spent the weekend wrapping up her travels, unpacking and prepping for her official return to work. Nic wound down her lovely vacation with some final un-decorating and cleaning up, while of course spending time with the fam.

Good ole' E.L, she got it right.  Not that we think all women want this for themselves, many think this sounds like a death sentence, and that is ok.  But for us, this sounds just like heaven.  Being home, with our families, making babies...aahhhhh-mazing.  So, for all those old fashioned women out there who want nothing more to be in that kitchen, holla at your girls.  For all you hard workin' girls out there who are ready to make a name for yourself, we say, GO GET 'EM!  No matter what life you choose, just strive to thrive.

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