Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Vintage Christmas

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"...and with the decorations making their way down from the attic, I always love to find vintage holiday items and transport back in time.  First up, appreciating vintage ornaments and their worn colors and patterns.

How about a homemade Christmas-like-heaven smelling candle (courtesy of my Thriving Mommy) in a vintage glass? They add a special touch to each room, makes the house smell great and can stay around long after you pack up your tree.  More to come on how to make these cuties yourself!

Can you imagine serving cold eggnog and warm baked cookies on these old trays? I am not a real cat person, but something about these holiday kitties just makes me giggle.  Santa, your snacks are served!

I loved finding these old Christmas ads at a flea market and was even more exited that they were already laminated and ready to be put up in my Christmas kitchen.  I only wish I could get my hands on that ice cream block with a tree in the middle!

We hope you enjoy the last days of holiday prep before jolly ole' St.Nick comes to town and are able to appreciate a few vintage finds of your own!

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