Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thriving Wife Starter Gift Set

With so many Thriving Wives popping up around Nic and I, I decided to take it upon myself to gather what I felt were the perfect items for a TW "Starer Gift Set".  I put together all my favorite things into one beautiful, thriving wife approved, bundle.  

Every true TW needs a good apron. I have collected aprons over the years and have a lovely little assortment of gorgeous vintage finds.  If I see a pretty one for a good price, no matter what, I buy it. They are a necessity for the bundle and allow you to cook and entertain in style.

There is something special about an old cookbook.  When I flip through ones I have purchased from either a garage sale or flea market, I somehow feel connected to the past.  I imagine the Thriving Wife before me flipping through the book with her equally well manicured, nails finding the perfect recipe for her latest party or just dinner with her TH.  I love they way the look on my shelf and always enjoy finding new treats to try.  I can usually scour great books for a low price and think they add a special "blast from the past" to each starter gift set.

No starter gift set is complete without some vintage Pyrex.  Be it plain or patterned, they are a great addition to any kitchen.  I know I am a huge collector of these delightful dishes and I love to share the wealth. Any homemade meal always looks better in an antique Pyrex.

So, next time you are out and about, keep your eyes out for these starter pieces. They make a wonderful bridal shower, birthday or housewarming gift to a new (or even old) Thriving Wife! Do you have any quick gift ideas that are your go-to?

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