Friday, December 12, 2014

Peppermint Bark Pretzels

I always enjoy making different holiday treats to share, especially when they are easy and delicious. Knowing that Shell's Christmas Crack was sure to make a second appearance this year, I wanted to add another new treat to the mix. While peppermint bark and peppermint bark brownies were my go to gifts, I decided this year, I would add a salty spin...pretzels!

I gathered my few ingredients, large pretzels, candy canes, wax paper and my favorite, white chocolate chips from Trader Joes. 

Before I got chocolate dipping, I put my candy canes in a Ziplock, grabbed a meat cleaver and began beating those things into a dusty pulp.  I smashed and smashed so they would be prefect for sprinkling.

With my garnish ground, it was time to melt the chocolate.  I dumped half the bag into a microwave safe bowl and heated for 30 seconds. Then I stirred away to even it out.  Next, I added the rest of the bag to the already melty chocolate and warm bowl, then stirred again. I popped it back in again for another 30 seconds, stirred and done!

I took my first salty victim and dropped him in to the warm, creamy, white chocolate pool and submerged him deep into the depths. 

I then pulled him out gave him a little shake to even out the coating and set him safely on my wax paper.

I then took his other salty associates and coated them in sweet, sweet white chocolate.  When they were all covered, I grabbed my candy cane dust.

I generously sprinkled each pretzel with candy cane dust and was excited to see large and small chunks alike.  I couldn't wait to taste the sweet and minty blasts that these treats would provide.

Once the pretzels were garnished and glorious I left them to cool and harden...well, I did try one...or two...

Once cooled, I put them on a plate and slowly watched as they disappeared. Now that I know they are a hit, I can't wait to whip these up again (taking only minutes), package them and share them with coworkers, friends and neighbors alike!

Do you have any Christmas recipes you use each year? Do you too love a sassy take on the traditional pretzel like I do?

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