Monday, December 29, 2014

Make Your Monday - December 29th

Em had a great weekend celebrating her 30th birthday with friends and family! Nic and her TH threw her the best party taking everyone traveling through the three decades of her life. Now she gears up for 2015 with another family trip up north. After recovering from the festivities, Nic looks forward to an ENTIRE week off of work and ringing in the new year!

What do you think about before falling asleep at night?  It isn't out of the ordinary to be consumed with to-do lists or rehashing things that took place throughout the day. However, it isn't often that those thoughts feel good.  Sometimes they keep you up longer as you start to feel overwhelmed. Perhaps it is time to let all that go and start envisioning the future you want for yourself. See yourself having a great day at work and accomplishing all you set out to do.  Put those thoughts out there so they manifest while you sleep, then wake up refreshed and continue to embrace those positive images. 

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