Monday, December 15, 2014

Make Your Monday - December 15th

Em stayed busy preparing to return to work on Monday.  Despite a few tears here and there she remained positive, focusing only on the good things.  Her boys  must have known she was going to be a working mommy again because not only did they sleep in their cribs for the first time ever, but for 11 hours straight! OH YEAH! Nic tended to her sick Mama Friday, and went out on the town with a couple of coworkers Saturday. Despite the hangover she had Sunday, she still managed to get to Home Depot to finish up some projects!

We ask you again, what thoughts do you practice? Are they ones that bring you joy? You can choose whatever you want, but remember, the choices you make will determine the outcomes you face. Why not make your life wonderful starting with the thoughts you think? Ones that are filled with joy, gratitude and happiness.  With the holidays coming fast, now is the best time to start retraining your brain in an effort to enjoy all that you can and prepare for the best start to 2015 you can create!

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