Friday, December 5, 2014

DIY: Ornament Wreath

With the holiday season here again and decided  I needed a new wreath for my front door.  Since my Thriving Mommy had brought over a bag of old ornaments I jumped at the chance to whip out a new project.  I went to Michael's to get a craft ring, stock up on hot glue sticks then went home to set up my work station. 

I planned to wrap the craft ring with ribbon to give it a nice base.  I went with a reserved burlap ribbon so my ornaments had a chance to really pop out and sparkle.

Once my ring was wrapped, I took all the ivory matte ornaments, spaced them out and then began gluing. 

Once my ivory ornaments were glued in place, it was time to add the color! I reached for my sparkles and brights and got gluing like a  crazy woman.

With the large and oh so colorful ornaments glued all around, it was time to fill in some holes with some little itty bitty ornaments. 

Once my holes were filled, I took a look at my handiwork...not too bad for a super quick craft while my babies took a cat nap. I added a bit of white sparkly ribbon around the top and headed to my front door to hang my new holiday beauty.  LOVE!

Have you whipped out a wreath recently? Have any tips? Considering making one for Valentine's or Spring?

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