Friday, November 14, 2014

Retroda Vintage Warehouse

When Nic asked me if I was interested in checking out her friend Gary Oda's vintage home decor warehouse, I quickly replied, "YES!"  I didn't know what was there, but I knew I loved everything I saw on his Instagram account.  Nic was friends with his wife and had mentioned his mutual love of vintage things on many occasions. I decided it was high time to meet this man of mystery and hopefully score some frugal fab finds...boy am I glad I did!

My Thriving Mommy and I loaded up two boys, grabbed our baby wearing devices and almost fainted when we walked in to this Pyrex heaven! As two devoted Pyrex lovers, we started elbowing each other and trying to get our hands on as much as we could; the prices were unbeatable1

Since my TM is an avid candle maker, these vintage glasses, FOR FREE (that's right, I said it) were her catch of the day.  She took them all! I mean, what vintage warehouse do you know has a FREE section? I bet none.  Did I mention this place was like heaven?

Still only having made it in the entry way, I put my "dibs" on this white bar cart. For $20 I had to take it home and add it to my collection.  I love, love, love a good bar cart.

Finally, it was time to check out the rest of what Retroda had to offer.  One of the many things that caught my eye, all the old books! Cookbooks, for the low price of $1?! I snagged a few to use in my TW gift bundles, they were perfect!

Old wooden crates are perfect display trays for glassware at any party in a pinch.  They are also add a lovely touch to a buffet set up to add some height and a bit of character.

I was planning to bring this fan home and use it to circulate the air in my bedroom, but good ole' honest Gary talked me out of it.  If I was planning on using it, then I may lose a was vintage after all. This little guy was more of a show piece.  Thanks for saving my family's fingers!

How about these old games for a little decor at a child's birthday party? I say YES!

With a brother-in-law who holds a Ph.D in Chemistry, this microscope was a must snag present to add to his collection.  $5?! Hollllla!

I love a good thermos and these were just too cool.  Hot cocoa when looking at Christmas lights this year? what a stylish way to keep warm.

Tins, tins and more tins!  Great for storage or even as the perfect gift wrap!  With the holidays coming up, I loaded these in my haul so I could bake and package my sweet treats in a fancy display.

I love a good toolbox.  I use one for my personal makeup storage and am always thinking up ways to use more.  They add a masculine touch to any room and are perfect to tuck things away like remotes and keys.  

I had to slow it down a bit as I was (as usual) starting to get a little nutty and grabbing everything I could get my hands on.  I made it out of there with some old books, Pyrex, linens and even got some Christmas presents crossed off my list. 

My new cart was easy to clean and fit perfectly in my dining room to hold my many vintage platters. Another score for this TW!

I am so looking forward to going back again TODAY and maybe even Saturday (November 14th and 15th )to load up for the holidays.  Hope to see you there!!

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