Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mommy Get That Body Back: Backyard Boxing

After having my babies, I was eager to get moving and get my body back.  I started with walking as soon as I got home from the hospital and slowly mixed in some light weight lifting after just a couple weeks being home. I knew I needed to take it easy as I hadn't yet been cleared by my doctor, so I made sure to use light weights and sit down when lifting. But soon, I was itching for more. Once I was cleared and good to go, I tied up my running shoes and went for my first solo run. It was AMAZING! It rekindled my love of cardio and I was obsessed with getting as much of it as humanly possible. Since my main focus is being with my babies every second, I tried to carve out 30 minutes a day to satisfy my addiction.  Running was a great activity to mix in throughout the week, but I wanted something that would also work my upper body.  It was time to get out my boxing bag, gloves and get back to it!

Being a kick boxing teacher, I know how great this workout is. Since my KB addiction hit an all time high in 2010, I had purchased my own bag years ago and tried to use it at home as much as possible. I love the high intensity workout and that it burns multiple muscles up and down the body and will get me sweating in no time. My trusty bag got dusted off and was the perfect workout because it allowed me to be close to my boys. I was ready to mix it up and kick my post partum butt!

With my music pumping and gloves on tight, I got low and started with some jabs.  Keeping my right leg forward and knees bent, I burned that shoulder right up with my punches going straight and strong into the bag.

After doing a few minutes of jumping jacks to get my heart going even more, I started in with some hooks.  Making sure to keep my arm at shoulder level, I hooked hard and loved feeling my arm burn. I made sure to pivot my foot (the same leg as the arm punching) and keep my abs engaged.  I mixed in some jabs with the hooks and kept making hard contact with my bag....the sweat was starting to build and this mommy loved it!


With hooks and jabs getting mixed together, upper cuts were next. Now it was time to squeeze that bicep and punch up and HARD! Adding this punch to the mix made for a great 8 count (four alternating jabs, two hooks and two upper cuts).

With the upper body burning and feeling good, the lower body needed some action.  I added in a little  jumping rope, then it was time to work in the knees. Using the top of the bag for balance, I drove my knees up hip level and into the bag.  I started slow then sped it up driving hard and fast for counts of 8.  After a few eight counts on each leg, I worked in the punches with the knees and kept going hard.


I now had upper and lower body working together, last up...kicks. I whipped my leg out hard up to hip level and kicked into the bag. Laces to the bag with a quick recoil and a fast touch down, then again, and again, and again!  I threw in all the moves and powered through a routine adding in quick feet, jumping jacks, jumping rope and high knees with each song change.  My heart rate stayed up, I fought to steady my breaths and wiped the sweat from my face.  My muscles burned as I jumped, kicked and punched my way through 30 glorious minutes of cardio.  All within ear shot of my baby boys!

Every time I caught myself getting lazy, I gave myself a little pep talk, buckled down and refocused on my form.  I worked my levels and made sure to get that squat in as much as possible when working the bag with low and high jabs.  It was a great exercise to add to my mommy weekly workout repertoire.

With a boxing bag being a little over $100 and the gloves for about $25, you too can do this amazing workout at home for just about $150.  Even if you just beat the heck out of it for 10 minutes a day, you won't just be burning calories, but also unloading some serious tension.  Something about getting out all your stress and aggression on a bag just leaves you feeling free...and exhausted!

Have you ever kick boxed? Love it as much as I do? Do you have any mommy workouts you do at home?

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