Friday, October 10, 2014

My Thriving Mommy is a dog lover if I've ever known one. She just seems to have a magical connection with dogs and has used it to her professional advantage. She worked for the Humane Society of Silicon Valley for a time and most recently she has joined forces with two dog lovin' power house women to be a part of the wonderful Wagaroo. As a dog lover myself and a rescue momma, I wanted to share a little about them with all of you!

So, what is this Wagaroo you ask? To quote Wagaroo, "Connecting people to puppies & dogs from local, ethical sources". Their website shares the four values which they hold above all else and this is what they say:
  1. We make it easy for people to do the right thing. When it comes to getting a dog, we're committed to transformative experiences for people. We work every day to make the process easier and more fun that it is today!
  2. We do what works. We are committed to the well-being of companion animals and to the satisfaction of our buyers and sellers. That commitment guides our decision-making and actions. If we're doing something that doesn't help our customers, our clients, or their dogs, we learn from it and move forward with something that does! 
  3.  We prove it. We never stop learning. We employ design thinking to be most effective and efficient with our resources and to best save our customers, our clients and our dogs.
  4. We may disagree, but we are always nice. We're all in the same boat and want to help dogs.. We always keep that common goal in mind while still feeding comfortable with vigorous debate.
Want to learn more? Visit their website at, email them at or call 1.415.857.2766 (AROO)

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