Friday, October 3, 2014

Party in a Pinch - Ladies Luncheon

If you are like me and happen to be a little older than your friends, then an unfortunate side effect occurs when you have children before everyone else - all of the sudden you don't see them as often! Well, I wasn't about to let that continue, so I decided to invite two of my besties over for a little ladies (plus baby) luncheon.

You may have noticed that Em is the party planning brains behind this operation, as I rarely ever host and often panic at the thought of hosting get togethers. Luckily she came to my aid (as always) to help me plan this casual yet classy affair.

First I planned out my menu, keeping my guests dietary restrictions in mind. As always, Pinterest to the rescue! My favorite thing to eat is a multitude of snacks, which is conducive to all the chatting we would be doing.

Then I asked sweet Em to borrow some of her party girl supplies - tablecloths, napkins, napkin rings, serving dishes, and of course her gorgeous vintage china. I did have a few pieces of my own to use (finally) which was exciting! She graciously supplied some beautiful flowers from her garden as well.

I prepped as much as I could the day before, to reduce any frantic-ness the day of (I am an amateur at all this). Most of the items were easy to prep ahead of time, which was great!
  1. Boiled the eggs
  2. Assembled the skewers and mixed the dressing
  3. Juiced lemons
  4. Mixed dip

The following morning I finished up my food prep and set the table.

You might notice my cute little kitchen assistant, still in his pjs...

Simple syrup with fresh organic blueberries!

What a lovely sight (while juicing I made some OJ as a treat for me and TH)! I didn't serve the breast milk, although it would've been a great nutritional boost ;)

Sadly, we hadn't installed grass yet...
Once my lovely guests arrived, it was time to chow down!

I asked one of the girls to bring veggies to save myself some trouble, and put out a few more nibbles - smokehouse almonds and pirates booty (both gluten free)!

Now doesn't THAT look refreshing!
We had a glorious time catching up and playing with BK; I was sad when we had to say goodbye. I am thrilled that it all came together though, and I was able to tackle my fear of hosting! Now that I have my own vintage china set, I can't wait for the next one... ladies??

Bonus breakfast - leftover "jam" from my organic blueberry syrup is delish on toast, along with my fresh OJ!

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