Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mommy Makeover

Nic - Pregnancy and motherhood have actually never made me feel better in my body, but being caught up in making a baby, buying a home, and working full time for the past few years put updating my wardrobe on the back burner. Sure I'd purge and shop, but I was never very thoughtful about my  choices and ended up with items that didn't fit right, or didn't go with enough, or were just not cute once I got them home. Never one to shy away from asking for help I knew Em would relish in this opportunity to give me a "Mommy Makeover"! 

Em -  When Nic sent me that fateful email asking for some fashion help as she was in desperate need of a closet re-org (my specialty of course) and a shopping partner (she knows my love of dressing my friends) I was pretty elated.  Not only has Nic morphed into skin and bones (thank you breastfeeding!) but she has also noticed that she wants to put this sassy mommy body on display (thank G!).  So, what is any Thriving Wife to do?  Make a plan and get things started.  We set a date to go through her closet and clean it out so we knew what we had to work with and what we needed to buy.

Closet clean outs are one of my favorite activities.  I suddenly become my own Thriving Mother, put in a sassy disgusted face and judge each piece of clothing that comes into my view as though I am cleaning out my 12 year old daughter's closet.  "When is the last time you wore that?", "Is that a stain? Gross", "I dare say I see a hole", "No Nicolle, you won't be keeping that trashy T-shirt, it is foul".

We soon had a huge pile of clothes in the middle of her bedroom that all had to go.  I reorganized the clothes I allowed her to keep by style (tanks, short sleeve, long sleeve, skirts and dresses) and swapped out the cheap nasty hangers with matching plastic hangers (that drives me nuts).  I also had her go through her drawers while we were at it and gave her some ideas for better use of space/storage for our future shopping date.

Before we hit the mall, we made a list of items we needed to purchase:
  • Jeans that actually fit (everything she owned suddenly was baggy pants magee...oh poor Nic, sucks getting super thin after having a baby...)We were looking for a trouser cut, skinny and maybe even a boyfriend.
  • Black fitted pants (think legging fabric with a jeans design, I have these from Nordstrom and LOVE them!)
  • Maxi skirts
  • A chambray top
  • V-necks
  • Cute tops that could be work both to work and for casual attire
  • Flats
  • Anything else Em found, made her try on and buy despite her protesting
One of the reasons Nic enlisted me was not only do I LOVE to shop on the cheap (one of my not so great habits, I know Mommy, "Buy quality items to build your wardrobe, not cheap shit!" I can't help it, I LOVE ME some one wear wonders from Forever 21...horrible.  But aside from my weekly practice of shopping, was my focus and dedication to crawling through the clearance racks, trying on loads of clothes and having the focus to narrow down outfit choices.  That and I while I in no way think I am a fashionista, I don't think I am totally a hot mess in the fashion department either.  So alas, Nic and I hit the town with a big budget in hand...Thanks Nic's TH!!!

We came away with just what we needed and spent nearly nothing, Holl-to-the-A.  Just check out our loot!

Black skinnies, dark denim, wide leg linen and two sassy maxis for bottoms...

 A selection of long tanks, light sweaters and even a chambray!
Standard V-necks which can be sassed up with accessories and pumps

Nic - Em was amazing at helping me make quick decisions while out (one of my downfalls is talking myself out of purchases), and thinking of what else each item could go with. We stuck to basics that I desperately needed, since it seemed I still clung to crap I wore in college. If I traded in my convertible Mustang for a mommy SUV, it was certainly time to update my closet! I am so grateful for her help, and now I feel like that "cute mom" instead of "dumpy overtired mom" despite how I feel on the inside.... Thanks Em, you are the best! I think we need another trip soon, my closet is feeling sparse! 

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