Monday, October 27, 2014

Make Your Mondays - October 27th

Em had a lovely weekend with her Thriving Mommy as her TH was working some overtime at the fire station.  After a lazy Saturday and long walk at the beach she went to a fun Halloween party for her two baby boys.  They got to try on their fire fighter costume and see some old friends. Nic also had some early Halloween fun at Mrs. A's new home where her 'hood was throwing a festive block party. Sunday it was down to business though, running errands and completing Phase 1 of her guest room redo - including a hectic trip to Ikea!

What if throughout each day we were to stop and think about how we feel.  As we wake up, head off to work, deal with the day's small challenges we at the same time took things a bit slower and made sure we were choosing to feel good. Do you think it would make a difference? If instead of finding ourselves frustrated and annoyed, we took a breath, refocused and made a choice to create feelings of joy? We are not saying it will be easy, but it might be worth trying.  You in?

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