Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Costumes: Don't Buy 'em, Make 'em!

I know I said it last year, but I'll say it again...there is no better Halloween costume than a handmade one. I mean, anyone can go to the store,  but who can be creative enough to use what you have or buy supplies on a budget to be totally original? Well, any thriving wife (lady) of course!

Last year I whipped together a gorgeous little Fred & Wilma Flinstone costume for my TH and I to wear.  I purchased some cheap felt from the fabric store (costing all of $5) and used my low level sewing skills to make the perfect outfits.  I added a dog bone to my hair and made a necklace with Styrofoam balls and we were ready to go!

2 years ago Nic and our fellow TW, Mrs. D, created dead Thriving Wives costumes, and all they had to do was add some blood and props to their usual gorgeous selves.  They even found a horrific apron to complete their look. Easy breezy and yet cute/creepy, way to go girls! 

Don't think Nic stopped there, she got SUPER crafty last year with BK and made him the most delicious thing on the Chipotle menu...a baby burrito.  BRILLIANT!! A swaddled, happy baby in an amazing idea and I was very impressed.  All she needed was some foil, a printed Chipotle logo, a couple lettuce leaves and one adorable little guy.

So, what do we Thriving Wives have in store this year?  Well, I originally wanted to have my boys be recycled goods. That's right, Clarke was going to be an aluminum can (think crushed cans glued on a onesie and baby beanie), while J.R. was going to be a plastic bottle (same plan, bottles crushed on a onesie and hat).  I then was going to turn their stroller into a recycling receptacle while I myself was going to be, "Mother Earth".  But, alas, I am now going a different firefighters!  Since I already have their "uniforms" (they only stay so small forever, I need to capitalize) and adorable knitted hats and booties. My TH and I thought they might as well be like their daddy this year.  But next year, we just may make that gorgeously green statement! Nic is planning to have BK in a DIY Matador costume, like the below image, with their sweet pup Sandy as his "bull"!

So, while it may take a bit of brainstorming, a costume made by hand is always a winner in our Halloween books.  What ideas do you have this year?

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