Friday, September 19, 2014

Thriving Wife = Thriving Life

I am sure we are all familiar with one of my favorite little sayings, "Happy Wife, Happy Life". I love this saying so much I even had it put on the back of a the "Just Married" shirt made for my TH to wear while traveling on our honeymoon! I feel this saying is oh so true. I think you have to put your health and happiness first in order to be healthy and happy for others.  That includes husbands, partners, children and work; if you are not taking care of yourself and thriving, you won't be able to share your positive energy with others.

While I in no way consider myself a selfish person, I will say that as I have gotten older I have forced myself to have selfish tendencies. For example, I know I NEED to make time for myself to exercise.  If that means I miss out on something or have to pick up dinner rather than cook, so be it. If I don't get in that sweat session, I am not a nice person and if I am not nice no one wants to be around me, it is a vicious cycle. Taking care of myself first has become even more apparent now that I am a mommy of twins. I will always put them before myself, but I know in order to be the best mommy I can be, I need to take a few minutes for myself.

Obviously with two babies I need some help (insert my amazing TH and Full Service Assistant/Thriving Mommy). Since I always have someone else at home to assist, I have the luxury of sneaking in a "freshen up" moment each day once I finish nursing my two hungry hippos.  When I place my sleeping angels down for a nap after they woof down my milk, I know I can shower, throw on some eye concealer, curl my lashes and even throw a few curls in my hair if I'm so inclined.  Despite my Littles being within my reach, I know if I need help, someone is there. Just taking that 5-10 minutes to pull myself together each morning makes all the difference in the world.  I feel better, therefore I can be the best version of myself and not feel disgusting due to being covered in sticky milk from the nightly feedings...yuck.

While I am lucky enough to have help, I know that isn't the case for everyone.  I also know there are going to be times I too will be alone and therefore I constantly make an effort to become more independent each day.  I am getting better at juggling two babies solo by wearing one, keeping a sleeping one within eye shot and arms reach while also putting away laundry, doing dishes, cleaning the floors and even knocking out a blog post or two.  By doing things that make me feel better and keep me sane (yes, I am still very OCD, despite people saying that would all change once I had kids) I can provide a better and happier life for those whom I immediately influence.  Isn't that worth putting myself first for a tiny portion of the day?

So, next time you need that mani or eyebrow wax to make yourself feel whole, do it.  Carve out time for yourself to thrive, whatever that may look like for you. Don't feel bad about it, just do it.  Remember, a thriving wife equals a thriving life...for all!

What are some things you feel you need to be the best you?  Nightly walks?  Monthly pedicure or lash extensions?  Or just five minutes to brush and floss your teeth?

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