Monday, September 29, 2014

Make Your Mondays - September 29th

Em had a relaxing weekend at home with all three of her boys.  She even managed to head out to a classic car show with everyone and the boys slept the whole time...whew! Nic also had a laid back weekend with her family, including a baby (toddler?!) date to the mall and a visit from some newlyweds!

We all go through experiences in life that may not be as pleasant as we would want. But instead of focusing on all the things we don't want or like, we need to focus on what we appreciate.  For example, a job that you hate can be absolutely miserable, but you have to find something to feel good about in an effort to get through the day...even if that feeling is the excitement of looking for a new job that you will love. If you continue to stay in a negative place of anger and frustration the energy you send out will be the energy you get back.  So focus on the improvements you want for yourself, make a plan and make it happen.

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